GLA:D® Ryg register

With the GLA:D®BACK Registry, we continuously monitor how patients are participating. Using the collected data, we create knowledge about the extent to which patients with different types of back problems benefit from GLA:D®BACK, and how the treatment program can be improved for those who do not benefit adequately.

All patients participating in GLA:D®BACK answer questionnaires and are tested before, during and after the procedure. Data are recorded electronically via a link that is emailed to participants after having consented to providing their questionnaire answers.

Data registration takes place via OPEN (Odense Patient data Explorative Network) which complies with all Danish data security rules.

The registry collects basic information about the participating patients when the course begins. In addition, participating patients are asked to answer questions about their:

  • pain intensity
  • daily functioning
  • consumption of pain medication
  • quality of life
  • ability to control back pain themselves

Before and after the program, the therapist records the results of four tests on the strength and function of the back.