Back pain is something most people experience. In some, it is a light, transient nuisance, while others are severely restricted in their everyday lives for years, with recurring episodes. Overall, back pain is a sign that the capacities of the back cannot currently cope with the demands.

Pain is a natural signal for protecting us. Pain occurs when you are exposed to greater loads than you have the capacity to cope with. It is about physical strain on your joints and muscles, the way you move, and about your mental stress such as fatigue or worries. The strength of the pain is not very well related to what happens in the back. Pain is an alarm that tries to make us do something to protect ourselves, but just as a smoke alarm does not tell if there is smoke from a candle or a large fire, the pain alarm does not tell what is wrong or how wrong it is. Therefore, it can be difficult to interpret the implications of pain.

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The goal of GLA:D®BACK is to increase the back’s capability and provide participants with tools to reduce demands and loads.